Tuesday, November 20, 2018

MDS 501 Coming to Atlanta, GA Area in December

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MDS 501 will be offered Dec. 14-15, 2018 in Powder Springs, GA.

Event Location:
Powder Springs Premier Martial Arts
(Alice McCleary's School)
3180 Florence Rd #304, Powder Springs, GA 30127
MDS 501 Course Schedule:
December 14-15, 2018
More details about the schedule will be available soon.
MDS Course 501 is open to all CNS black belt and crossover black belt members of UFAF. Certification may be applied toward master rank promotion eligibility requirements (no matter when it is earned). MDS certifications guarantee only eligibility for promotion, not the promotion itself.
For all school owners, MDS certification (or auditing an MDS) will be applied toward school charter maintenance requirements.
Registration is available from your UFAF member homepage.
MDS Mission and Goals:
We trust that your MDS experience will be a valuable one. You will leave with more knowledge about your style, how to practice it, and how to teach it. It is the mission of the MDS program to have a pervasive, positive, and unifying effect throughout UFAF on what and how we learn and teach; to inform, instruct, and inspire all who attend to be the very best they can be, and to give them tools to do the same for their students.

Chuck Norris' UFAF Tour Kickoff

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UFAF Tour Kickoff

If you attended the ITC this year, you heard Mr. Norris announce that he planned on traveling and visiting the regions. Well, that "UFAF Tour" has officially begun.
Mr. and Mrs. Norris, accompanied by Mr. & Mrs. Gallacher, started the tour on Saturday, Nov. 10th in Henderson, NV visiting Regions 2, 5 and 12. Then on Sunday, Nov. 11, they traveled to San Diego, CA visiting with Regions 1 and 9. They took the time to meet with school owners, instructors, and regional board members. And he graciously offered to take photos with students in attendance. In the two days, Mr. Norris must have taken around 400 photos. It was certainly an event that will forever be engrained in the memories of those in attendance.
Mr. Norris wants all members to know that he WILL be visiting your area. The Regional Chairs will be contacted to arrange things when the time comes. He already has a very busy schedule for 2019, but he definitely plans more regional visits as soon as he can.
It is rumored that the East coast will be next... so be on the lookout for announcements. And make sure your UFAF membership is up to date because these visits are for UFAF members and their families only!
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Norris School Owners
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Monday, November 19, 2018

November 2018 UFAF News Vlog


Find out what's happening across UFAF

Lots of regions reported news this month and we have many new members receiving Black Belt ranks. 
Watch the video to see it all!