Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What's Going On In UFAF??  


October 2016
In this issue:
  • UFAF Special Announcement
  • UFAF History
  • UFAF BJJ Flow Drill
  • Meet the UFAF Regional Chair
  • UFAF Krav Maga Force
  • Teaching Tip
  • Workout in Mira Costa, CA
  • Student Spotlight
  • And More
Here's a piece of our UFAF history:  In 1968, Mr. Norris met Bruce Lee for the first time. He later co-starred in "The Return of the Dragon," which was his first significant role.
Submitted by Diane Huntemann, UFAF Historian
After 23 years of service to UFAF (7 in student member services and 16 as UFAF’s Director of Operations & Development), Mr. Steve Nelson has chosen to pursue another professional opportunity for which he feels the same kind of passion as he has felt while serving UFAF. Effective Jan. 1, Mr. Nelson will resign his position as UFAF’s Director of Operations & Development to pursue a blossoming career in baseball with the National Pitching Association. He will remain an active member of UFAF, and will remain a member of the UFAF Board of Directors.
UFAF is pleased to announce that effective Jan. 1, 2017 Mrs. Tara Cox will assume the role of UFAF’s Director of Operations & Development. Mrs. Cox, a longtime member of the UFAF Board of Directors, is already heavily involved in UFAF’s development efforts, as well as in staging the annual ITC, and is extremely qualified to both carry on, and to lead completely new development efforts that will help UFAF to achieve its tremendous potential for doing good in the lives of individuals and in the world.
Please join us in wishing both Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Cox well in their new endeavors!
Your UFAF Board of Directors
In case you missed it on YouTube or Facebook, here's a great UFAF BJJ Flow Drill compliments of Ryan Gamble from Family Christian Martial Arts in San Diego, CA
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Have you met our Region 5 Chair, Howard Munding?
Here's a video to help you learn more about Mr. Munding.
UFAF KMF - Full Front Logo
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Mrs. Alice McCleary shared a great footwork drill to use in sparring.  
Amy recently attending the
UFAF Krav Maga Force Instructor Certification Course.
What did she think of it?
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Mrs. Lindy Woods shared a drill to helps students with slide up kicks.
Upcoming Training Opportunity

Mr. David Gamble will be hosting a workout  at the Mira Costa Gym in Oceanside, CA on Sat, Oct 15 from 1:00 - 5:00 pm.
They have 3 great seminars lined up: 
Joe Chandler will teach a self-defense seminar from 1-3pm
Robert Fulbright will teach a sparring seminar from 3-5pm.
Ryan Gamble will teach the UFAF Chuck Norris System Bo Form from 1:00 Until
For more information, contact David Gamble at 
Meet Tyler from South Carolina
Here is a sneak peek of what happened in the
UFAF Krav Maga Force Instructor Bootcamp Course in Peoria, AZ.
Don't miss your chance to attend the next UFAF KMF courses:
November 17-20 in AZ (Registration ends 11/4)
December 15-18 in FL (Registration ends 12/2)
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