Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Calling All Black Belts Ages 16 & UP!

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Judges Certification at the 2018 ITC

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Mr. Chuck Elias, our ITC World Championships tournament director since 2000, will be holding a JUDGES CERTIFICATION, Thursday morning during the Instructor Development Series. All Black Belts ages 16 and up are highly encouraged to attend this certification! We want to raise the level of our tournament and this judges certification is a crucial step in making that happen.
Note: When you register for the "TOTAL EXPERIENCE PACKAGE" the Instructor Development Series is included in your package.
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July 12-15, 2018
South Point Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV
(866) 791-7626
Group Code: UNI0709

2018 Awards Nominations Now OPEN


Here's your opportunity to submit your nominations for: Most Inspirational Member, School of the Year and Instructor of the Year

Awards will be presented at the ITC UFAF Gala!

Sometime before Friday, May 11th, go to www.ufaf.org, login, and use the "Click Here" link to make your nominations!”

Most Inspirational Member

The Most Inspirational Member award is presented to a UFAF member of any rank (white - 10th black) who has inspired or encouraged others in a profound way. He or she may have overcome a great obstacle in life or gone above and beyond the call of duty in furthering the cause of UFAF, or in helping others. Nominate a member of UFAF that embodies the spirit of this prestigious award.

School of the Year

The School of the Year award is presented to a UFAF school that represents the ideals of UFAF and Chuck Norris System (CNS) in an extraordinary way.

Instructor of the Year

The Instructor of the Year award is presented to an active CNS black belt who represents the ideals of a UFAF Member and Chuck Norris System instructor in an extraordinary way. This dynamic individual should represent someone who helps make a difference in people's lives and promotes quality instruction of Chuck Norris System.

Ready to register for the ITC? Online registration is now open!

Click HERE to register and submit your nominations today! Nominations close after Friday, May 11th.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

February UFAF News VLog

Find out what's happening throughout UFAF.
Watch the February edition of the 
UFAF News Vlog!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Come and join W3 Women Warrior Workshop

Come and join W3

Women Warrior Workshop

FREE Women's Self-Defense Workshop for guests of registered ITC participants!

The 2018 International Training Conference will include a FREE women's self-defense class for ladies ages 13 and up. Mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, and cousins ... If you are the guest of a registered participant, we invite YOU to take part in this free seminar taught by Derrick Stinson and Sonia Moreno-White on Friday.

In this seminar you will learn how to defend yourself in 3 different scenarios; On the Go, Taken, and in the Belly of the Beast. This is a fun and interactive seminar designed to address basic self-defense that works immediately, awareness, abduction prevention, rape prevention, and trapped with nowhere to go. You will be engaged from beginning to the end as we examine real scenarios that are relevant in real life situations. Prepare yourself and your loved ones for battle. LET US EMPOWER YOU!!!!
This Seminar is Rated: M A 
Teenagers are welcome but the content will be of
a mature nature.
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July 12-15, 2018
South Point Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, NV
(866) 791-7626
Group Code: UNI0709

About the seminar instructors:
Derrick Stinson’s interests are broad and varied. For example, he loves to compete in karate tournaments. He is an AOK state champion and now he is a four-time Chun Kuk Do World Champion. Derrick also competed on a professional level of sport karate known as the National Blackbelt League where he was successful in winning tournaments in weapons and in fighting.
Professionally, Derrick Stinson is a public speaker who speaks on behalf of Mr. Norris’s organization, Kickstart Kids and he has given speeches notably in front of President Bush Senior, Linda Lorrell, Governor Abott, and other notable Texas legislators. Derrick has worked in GISD and HISD for the span of 17 years as a Kickstart Kids instructor. Currently, he is one of the two Southeast Regional Directors for Kickstart Kids. Derrick has promoted 50+ students to black belt. Mr. Stinson has been a featured blogger for CKD martial arts magazine, produced martial arts videos, and he continues to develop a youth program designed to minister to children from all walks of life. Derrick has attained the master rank status in Chuck Norris’s system, achieving a 6th degree Black Belt. He was also voted Teacher of the Year in Chuck Norris’s style of Martial arts called Chun Kuk Do in 2009 by his peers.

Sonia Moreno-White was born and raised in Houston, Texas, Mrs. Moreno-White began her martial arts training in KICKSTART KIDS at Hamilton Middle School in 1992. A product of the program, she has been a black belt in KICKSTART KIDS since 1997 earning simultaneous and equivalent rank in the Chuck Norris System. She is currently a 5th Degree Black Belt in KICKSTART KIDS & The Chuck Norris System. Sonia was selected to perform katas for our CNS training videos. Mrs.Moreno-White has been a Regional Chair for 3 years for Region 13. Sonia has participated in many tournaments locally, nationally and internationally, winning many times in Kata and Fighting. Her accomplishments include Grand Champion titles 3 times in Women’s Sparring, winner of the Chuck Norris Cup at the ITC-World Championships. She was awarded the CNS Female Competitor of the Year in 2012. Mrs. Moreno-White taught for KICKSTART KIDS for 13 years at Fonville Middle School. She was promoted to Southeast Region Director in 2013, where she oversees 20 campuses for KICKSTART KIDS.