Monday, June 26, 2023

ITC Dress Code

 ITC Dress Code

UFAF Chuck Norris System Uniform Requirements

- All students must conform to UFAF uniform standards for official events.
- Student uniforms must be all white (red trim – lapel only - for red belts)
- Chuck Norris System Patch on the left lapel and country flag on the upper left arm
- School patch on the upper right arm or right lapel (optional)
- Student last name required with back design for red/black belts (optional through green belt) 
- Belt must represent your standard CNS rank: white, gold, purple, orange, blue, green, red, red w/black stripe, black.
- Stripe belts are also permitted: example green w/stripe. Stripe must run the length of the belt through the middle.
- If you are unsure of anything, or if you are a black belt in another system training in CNS, please ask your instructor or contact

UFAF Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Uniform

UFAF members competing in the jiu-jitsu (grappling) divisions of the tournament must wear a UFAF BJJ uniform. Also, competitors are to wear the belt that represents rank/skill level in jiu-jitsu, NOT the Chuck Norris System.  UFAF BJJ Uniforms are available through the UFAF Store, get your order in early, allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.

UFAF Krav Maga
All UFAF Krav Maga Force Instructors are to wear the black UFAF KM Instructor Tee and UFAF KM Instructor pants in any UFAF KM Seminars. UFAF KM Students are encouraged to wear a UFAF KM Student Tee

Things to Bring

Check your particular seminar schedule, and bring sparring gear and a traditional weapon if seminar applicable. A grappling top or UFAF KM training wear is optional for applicable seminars.

UFAF Member Dress Uniform *
Men – Solid black slacks (no jeans) with solid black blazer (black buttons) OR solid black suit, white shirt and any color tie.
Women – Solid black skirt or slacks (no jeans) with solid black blazer, white shirt or blouse OR solid black dress with solid black blazer.

* Under Black Belt Members -  If you do not have the full dress uniform, please dress as close as possible (black pants/skirt, white shirt, tie, etc.)

UFAF badge on left lapel (Will be available for purchase at the ITC if you don’t have one.)