Friday, May 29, 2020

Win Prizes in the Virtual ITC Competition


Virtual ITC Competition

Part of our Virtual ITC will include competition complete with PRIZES!

Registered participants of the ITC will be able to compete in traditional forms, open forms or musical forms. We will also have a division for weapons and musical weapons, plus Demo Team!
Any registered ITC participant wishing to enter the competition will need to film their forms and/or weapons entry in one continuous take facing the camera as if it was the panel of judges. Also, make sure the entire body is visible through the whole video.
The demo team video competition can be filmed from multiple angles, using multiple takes, or from multiple locations. Use your creativity when putting your video together for submission as that will play a role in the judges' decision-making process.
NOTE - all demo team members must be registered ITC participants in order to join the demo team competition! No demo team submission should have members who are not registered ITC participants!
All video submissions will then need to be uploaded to YouTube as "unlisted" then the link will be emailed to

The deadline for submissions for all divisions is July 1st.

When submitting your video, be sure to include your name, age, rank and the school where you train.

A secret panel of judges will vote on the competition.

Prizes will be awarded to the top three competitors in each division!

Remember registration opens June 1st!

Stay tuned for more information about other virtual challenges plus opportunities to attend live Zoom classes with some of our top instructors!


Monday, May 25, 2020

Meet some of your Virtual ITC Instructors


As part of your Virtual ITC Package, you will receive a DVD with a seminar taught by these great Black Belts, then you will be able to train with them over and over again!

We will also hold special Zoom classes during the ITC week (July 16-19) with amazing instructors who will be revealed soon!

Registraion will be open June 1st!
Be sure to register by June 30th so you get your package in time for the Virtual ITC week (July 16-18) because you don't want to miss any of the bonus stuff.

Meet Your 2020 Virtual ITC Seminar Presenters

Adult Seminars

Stinson - clean

Derrick Stinson
Weapons Galore
Weapons Galore is designed for you to discover new techniques to enhance your skills and abilities with the following weapons: Fans, Bo, Sword, Sai and Nunchuks! By choosing one of these weapons, the martial artist will be able to focus solely on one weapon for the duration of the seminar. My team and I will facilitate a seminar that will meet you at your current skill level. We will be sure to challenge you with up to date techniques and concepts that you can utilize for testing and competition. These techniques will be sport orientated but have a traditional foundation/flavor.
Please remember to bring your weapon of choice to the seminar.

Ed Saenz
Power Punches for the Black Belt Test
Strikes on the pads for power is now part of our Black Belt test requirements. Mr. Saenz is going to take you through some of those strikes and demonstrate how to generate power from the ground up.
Megan headshot

Megan Linger
Testing, Sparring, And Real-Life Fighting: How To Transition Your Fighting Style From One Mindset To The Next
In this seminar, be prepared to go on a journey from one fighting mindset to the next. As up and coming ranks, not only do we need to be smooth and confident with our fighting combinations for belt testing, but we need to be fast and accurate when competing in tournaments. Ultimately, the real question is how sparring techniques can help you in a real-life situation? Not only will we become confident in fighting combos, but we will work speed drills, two-on-one drills, and finally assume a real-life mindset when an attacker means to do real harm. Prepare for a high energy, fun, and sparring packed seminar at the ITC 2020!
Don’t forget to bring ALL your gear!

Youth Seminars

Andi Lynn Head Shot

Andi Lynn Woods Williams
Foundation to Tricking and Extreme Forms
Ms. Andi Lynn will be teaching the foundational skills needed for creating great open/extreme forms for competition or demo team performances. These skills start from the ground up and progress up to more difficult tricks/combos. You will learn the core concepts needed to progress your skills.
This class is designed with youth in mind, but all ages may enjoy the workout and the skills being taught.
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Ben Jones
Kama Fundamentals and Tricks
This seminar will cover kama strikes, cuts, rolls/manipulations, and releases. All skill levels welcomed.
Be sure to bring your kamas!

Greg Bullock
Fighting and Flying
Prepare yourself for a dynamic seminar! We will begin with a high-intensity warm-up to prepare our bodies for action. Followed by sparring drills and attacking techniques to mentally gear up for fighting. Then we’ll duke it out on the mat with sparring matches and games.
Next comes the martial arts tricking. Jump kicks, spin kicks, aerial movements and more! Tricking explores the performance aspect of martial arts and brings out everyone’s inner ninja.
Jensi Grands

Jensi Campos
Competitive Kicks
In this seminar, students will be able to improve their kicking abilities by utilizing high quality stretching techniques and drills. Perfect your forms by perfecting your kicks!
Come learn how to stretch and develop strong muscles for dynamic kicking in katas and powerful kicks for sparring!

AND MORE - Stay tuned to find out who our Live Zoom Instructors will be!

Monday, May 18, 2020

Mr. Norris sends a special greeting to UFAF Members and Instructors!

Hello UFAF Members

Mr. Norris has sent a special video greeting thanking you for continuing your training even through this pandemic.
Watch the video here!


Take a look at some of our Virtual ITC Instructors


Virtual ITC Registration - June 1st

Take a look at some of the instructors you can train with through our Virtual ITC

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 4.17.07 PM
Jensi Grands
Andi Lynn Head Shot
Stinson - clean
Megan headshot

Registration opens June 1st so stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

More instructors teaching live Zoom classes during the ITC week (July 16-19) will be announced soon!

Monday, May 11, 2020

Virtual ITC Registration will open June 1st


Virtual ITC Registration - June 1st

Hello UFAF Family!

We understand everyone is disappointed that we cannot get together in Las Vegas for the ITC this year. We feel the same way! BUT, we have a solution. We will be offering a Virtual ITC. We will have special ITC Packages available for purchase for only $75 plus shipping.
The package will include a special event t-shirt and training DVD featuring the wonderful UFAF Black Belts who were scheduled to teach for us this year.
There will also be a FAMILY PACKAGE that includes a DVD and 3 t-shirts for only $125.00 plus tax(Additional t-shirts will be available for purchase.)
You want to make sure to place your order by June 30th to guarantee you get your package by ITC week (July 16-19) because we are working on some special Zoom classes for that week as well as some virtual contests.
So stay tuned for more updates coming soon!
Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 4.17.07 PM