Monday, December 28, 2020

Welcome New Regional Chairs



Welcome Two New Regional Chairs

Mr. Kenny Herrera is taking over as the chair for region 1. He is replacing Mr. David Gamble. Jeremy Pasimio is stepping in to replace Ms. Brenda Kizzire as the chair for region 3.

We congratulate and welcome these new regional chairs.

We want to thank Mr. Gamble and Ms. Kizzire for their service to the UFAF members and schools in their respective regions. We are grateful for their time and service.


Saturday, December 19, 2020

First Ever Virtual MDS




Join us for the Brand New MDS 620 course!

The first-ever Virtual MDS 620 is scheduled for February 22-27, 2021.

The MDS course participants will receive an email intro/outline for the MDS 620 course the week of February 15th. That email will also include information regarding what materials or equipment will be needed to take the course, etc.

On Monday, February 22nd, registered participants will receive a link to all the training videos for the course. Participants will be able to train with the videos all week then the certification will be held live online on Saturday, February 27th. (Time TBA)

This Virtual MDS 620 Course is open to all CNS Black Belts

MDS Mission and Goals:

We trust that your MDS experience will be a valuable one. You will leave with more knowledge about your style, how to practice it, and how to teach it. It is the mission of the MDS program to have a pervasive, positive, and unifying effect throughout UFAF on what and how we learn and teach; to inform, instruct, and inspire all who attend to be the very best they can be, and to give them tools to do the same for their students.

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